Fort Wolters Shooting Sports Club

Fort Wolters Shooting Sports Club



Ft Wolters Military Command has pulled our dates for Sept. 

Right now we have no more dates for this year. 

We will find out about next year sometime in October 2011.

Fellow Shooters,

            Welcome to a new shooting year from the Ft. Wolters Shooting Sports Club With its’ home range at Ft.Wolters in Mineral Wells, Texas.


            We have an exciting schedule of Mid-Range matches this year. We are going to shoot both the 300 and the 500 yard line at each match. All shooting is done prone and only 223 Remington (5.56 NATO) are allowed.


            This is how we are separating out the rifles this year. Two Divisions - Iron Sights and Scope Sights. In the Iron Sight Division will be split into National Match Course rifles and Any Irons (like Palma rifles). The Iron Sight shooters will follow the NRA NMC and Palma rules. In other words SLINGS.


Scope Division will be split into AR/clones, Tactical (repeater bolts with bi-pods) and Open. These guys can use artificial support – bi-pods or benchrest. Muzzle brakes and Suppressors will be allowed at the club matches. We are adding a special class to encourage sling shooting with scoped rifles. There will be such a class at the Texas State Mid-Range match on April 10 & 11th.


Here is our line of thought:

The shooting at 300 yards is mainly for the NMC shooters to get good solid 300 yard zero. The Match rifle and the scoped rifles don’t need to spend much time there. So we will have Unlimited sighters and only 10 rounds for record. Then just for grins – as soon as we finish the score 10 rounds – we will have a OPTIONAL standard NMC 300 yard prone rapid fire stage. This is not for score – just to confirm the zeros for the NMC shooters. But the ARs can shoot a 10 round rapid fire stage. The Match rifles and Open rifles can shoot 5 five rounds.


Then we will move back to the longest range we are allowed to use – 500 yards. We will have 2 sighters and 20 rounds for record twice at this distance. Mastering reading the wind at Ft Wolters will test everyone nerves.


We will be using the standard NRA 300 and 500 yard targets for all shooters. This will give the NMC a better gauge of how their shooting skills are progressing. And at the same time will give the new scope shooters a chance at some high scores.


Our goal is to give all shooters a place to practice shooting at long distances – with 223s. Safety is always our main concern. There isn’t much money involved and you are keeping your own score. Having fun is mandatory.


These Mid-Range sessions are on Saturday right before the National Match Course matches which are shot on Sunday. Come spend the weekend in beautiful Mineral Wells Texas.


We look forward to seeing you out there.